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A calm word of encouragement or a piece of inspiring advice is often all that's needed to help a mentee see the future more clearly. Make a difference by sharing your knowledge and expertise with our mentees or connect with other alumni to build sector-specific knowledge and expand your professional network – it’s up to you.

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  3. Complete the Ask Alumni registration form
  4. Apart from your basic information, provide details of your work history, areas of expertise and the type of experience that you can offer
  5. Submit your registration and wait until your alumni status is confirmed
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"The platform is super easy to use. I've met with three mentees so far and I've been impressed by their questions and genuine interest in my career experiences. I really like this format of mentoring vs. the traditional mentoring program as it's more fluid and as a mentor you have the ability to meet more students throughout the year to have a bigger impact. I've already recommended that my friends and colleagues sign up!"

Melanie Alforque,  Melbourne, Australia

"Met the mentee as planned and discussed topics that she suggested. I hope she got something out of the experience. Reflecting on my personal experience against what transpired, I think there is value in someone like an objective mentor without ties to the mentee for such a discussion. I wish I had the same experience as a younger undergraduate to get a better understanding of potential career opportunities--at least I hope that is what my mentee left thinking too!"

Glen Fisher, Melbourne, Australia

"This program is great. I am happy to be a part of it."

Weili Chen, Shanghai, China

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