Program Aims

The Ask Alumni program is an inclusive and diverse community of students and alumni, where participants form connections with the aim of enhancing employability skills in an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying.

Ask Alumni participants are required to complete a membership form prior to acceptance into the program. When signing up participants agree to abide by the code of conduct, as outlined in the Code of Conduct video and the following policies and procedures.

All students of the University of Melbourne must adhere to student behavioural standards at all times, as outlined in the University’s Student Conduct Policy. All volunteers engaged with the University are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the University’s Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy. Any breaches of conduct will be dealt with as per policy guidelines.

Participant Selection

All participants must be aged 18 years and over to participate in the Ask Alumni program.

Students are automatically accepted into the program if they are current students, aged 18 and over, and have signed up using their University of Melbourne credentials.

Alumni participants are accepted into the program once program administrators confirm they are an alum of the University of Melbourne, as defined by the University.

Participants are not screened or required to complete any background checks as part of this acceptance process. Participants are not required to attend any training. Guidelines and resources are made available to participants in the program. Students and alumni participate in the program at their own discretion and risk.

Code of Conduct

The behavioural expectations of participants is outlined in our Code of Conduct video.

In summary, participants of the Ask Alumni program are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Observe confidentiality and do not share contact details with third parties unless with written permission by participants
  • Maintain professional standards of behaviour and accountability
  • Be inclusive and treat others with courtesy and respect
  • Provide advice as accurately as possible and with the best of intentions
  • Fulfil agreed commitments
  • Provide feedback via surveys
  • Contact Program Administrators with any concerns


Mentees will have an option to search for alumni mentor and request a meeting. Alumni mentors have the right to accept or decline any meeting request. If a meeting is accepted it is the responsibility of both parties to commit to and participate in the conversation at the agreed time. A mentee can be an enrolled student or an alum of the University of Melbourne.

It is the mentee’s responsibility to make the initial contact with a mentor and confirm the meeting time and method. If meeting face-to-face, it is recommended that this is undertaken in a public place i.e. café, library or workplace (please note that face to face meetings are not advised during the COVID-19 outbreak).

Reporting a breach of conduct

If a participant commits to a meeting and does not attend and makes no attempt to reschedule in advance, the other party is encouraged to report the participant to administrators. A warning will be issued to any participant that fails to attend two meetings without providing the other party with reasonable notice. If no valid reason is provided to administrators, the participant may be suspended from the program.

If a serious breach of the Code of Conduct occurs (i.e. bullying or harassment by a participant) participants must report the incident to program administrators in writing with details of the time and date of the incident at Program administrators will keep a record of the incident and review potential actions in line with University policies.

Program administrators and the University as a whole reserve the right to suspend users at any time for breaches of the Code of Conduct.


The information you provide through Chronus, our third-party provider, is stored on their Australian based server.  You can find more information about how your data is used and stored by Chronus in their Privacy Policy and by the University in the UOM Mentoring Terms and Conditions and the University’s Privacy Policy.

Insurance Cover

Student Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance is provided to enrolled students involved in University related activities. This cover does not extend to non-student participants who may like to maintain their own insurance, else participate at their own risk. Please contact the Program Administrator if you need clarification at

If you are not enrolled at The University of Melbourne, your participation in the Ask Alumni program means that you assume any and all risks that may arise as a result of a meeting with another participant or otherwise, related to the University of Melbourne Ask Alumni mentoring program and relinquish any cause to hold the University of Melbourne liable for any damages at any point in time.

Occupational Health and Safety

Participants should be aware of all relevant occupational health and safety requirements where a workplace visit occurs as part of the Ask Alumni program. This may require the visiting participant to be inducted into the occupational health and safety orientation process of the work environment as relevant and will require the host participant to ensure that the visiting participant's health and safety is not at risk while at the workplace.

The University expects that the workplace will have the requisite public liability insurance cover with respect to accidents that may occur at the workplace. Visiting participants should comply with relevant occupational health and safety requirements while at the workplace as notified to them by the hosting participant. For further information about occupational health and safety generally, please visit the Work safe Victoria website.

NB: Please note this would not apply if you were meeting in a public place.

Duty of care and Ethical Requirements

All participants must agree to behave in a professional, lawful, ethical and responsible manner at all times. Anyone who experiences any uncertainty or discomfort with the mentoring relationship should contact the Program Administrators at We will then contact you to discuss your concerns.


At the end of each meeting, participants will be asked to provide feedback on the interaction, participant and program in general. Program administrators may contact participants to discuss their feedback or follow up negative feedback received.

Grievance Procedure

In the first instance, participants should discuss the issue with the Program Administrators. You can contact them by emailing: If the participant does not feel the matter is resolved they should then discuss the complaint with the Manager. Complaints and grievances will be dealt with according to University of Melbourne procedures. For students, these are outlined at: Student Complaints and Grievances Policy.

Relevant Australian Legislation

Participants in this program are expected to abide by Australian laws preventing individuals from participating in the discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or bullying or another individual or group.

Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986
Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth)
Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth)
Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth)

If you would like any further information about these policies and procedures, please contact the Program Administrators at

Last updated: 05 November 2020 

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