Information for Hosts

This program is an opportunity to volunteer your time to meet with an Australia Awards scholar who is new to Melbourne. The aim is to make them feel welcome, introduce them to our city and help them create local connections.

In exchange, you will be able to learn something about them, their home country and their culture, and we encourage you to do your own reading to learn more about your student’s cultural background.

The program involves

  • Attending our evening launch event in February 2020. This is where hosts and students meet.
  • Undertaking one activity with the student you have been matched with before the end of the semester. There is no obligation to continue the connection past one meeting. 

Why get involved?

Australia Awards students are new to Melbourne and a local connection gives them someone who can offer support, advice or just a friendly face. There is no ongoing obligation.

  • Connections with the local community and culture enrich students both personally and academically.
  • The Welcome to Melbourne program can lead to lasting friendships.
  • The program forms great connections between Australia and the broader international community.

The Australia Awards Scholarships

These prestigious international scholarships are funded by the Australian Government, and aim to contribute to the long term development needs of partner countries. Most students are postgraduate students, come from developing countries and many are accompanied by their families.

Mentor and Mentee talking

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For further information, please contact:

Alumni Relations Office
 +61 3 8344 1746

Host FAQs

  Does the program provide an opportunity for all participants to meet as a group?

  Where will I meet my student?

  How is my student selected?

  Can my family join the program as well?

  Can I be assigned more than one student?

  Now that I have completed my application, what happens next?

  What can I do with my student?

  Is it ok to serve my student alcohol?

  What if I am having difficulties connecting with my student?

  The activity my student and I are doing requires payment. What are the financial expectations in the Welcome to Melbourne Program?

  My student is experiencing personal, financial or study related problems. How can I help?

  Do I need to be in Melbourne for the entire duration of the program?
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