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You can apply for the Welcome to Melbourne program if you are an Australia Awards scholar and have commenced your studies in the current semester. You will receive further details about the program, including the application form, from the Australia Awards team during your Introductory Academic Program (IAP).

You will be matched with a member of our alumni community or staff member. They will aim to make you feel welcome, introduce you to Melbourne and help you create local connections. In exchange, your host will learn something about you, your home country and your culture.

"Talk to your hosts, ask them as many questions, (and) be sure that this is a reciprocal relationship. They have the same curiosity as you; they want to know about your culture as much as you want to know about the Aussie way of life."

– Ignacio Pareja Amador, Welcome to Melbourne Student

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Alumni Relations Office
 +61 3 8344 1746

Student FAQs

  When will I meet my host and how often will we meet?

  How is my host selected?

  Can my family join the program as well?

  Now that I have submitted my registration, what happens next?

  What can I do with my host?

  Will program give me enough time for my studies?

  What if I need to study or work, is it impolite to say that I’m too busy to meet?

  Is there an opportunity for all participants to meet as a group?

  The activity my host and I are doing requires payment. Will my host pay for me to attend?

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