About the Faculty of Business and Economics Career Mentoring Program

The Career Mentoring Program in the Faculty of Business and Economics celebrated its 15th year in 2017 and has grown from small beginnings into one of the largest discipline-specific career mentoring programs in Australia. The program welcomes both local and global mentors as meetings can be held face-to-face, via Skype, emails or phone.

The program has successfully matched thousands of business students across various disciplines with business professionals from a diverse range of organisations and professional backgrounds. Our mentors share their valuable industry knowledge and experience with both undergraduate and graduate students studying in similar fields.

With an aspiration to enable individuals and organisations to be global leaders, we are proud to have a community of students and alumni from over 100 countries and are committed to fostering an open and transparent community with respect for all. The Faculty of Business and Economics, as part of The University of Melbourne, is a non-discriminatory learning community in which there is respect for our diverse backgrounds and interests.


If you would like to find out more about this program please contact:

Faculty of Business and Economics, Student Employability and Enrichment
 +61 3 8344 7936




Mentoring Business Areas

  Participating students are linked with mentors based on their shared interests and area of specialty.

Program Timeframes

  The program runs on a yearly cycle from April until October.
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