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The Arts Career Mentoring program matches current second and third year Bachelor of Arts students with members of the University’s alumni community from any discipline area. An Arts degree equips students with a broad range of skills and participation will expose students to a diverse range of careers.

Mentoring a student allows you to provide insight, leadership and career guidance to the future employees of your industry. Familiarising students with your career path and life perspective can be transformational for a student. Mentors also provide inspiration and support, assisting students in forging their own way on campus and in the world as they plan to transition from study to their own career paths.

You will have a positive impact on the next generation and mentoring can provide a new perspective on your own career and give you the opportunity to further develop your leadership and coaching skills.
Mentors in this program need to be alumni of the University of Melbourne, currently employed, with at least one year of professional work experience.

This is an opportunity to give back to the University of Melbourne community and shape the future of industry and we welcome you to join us on this journey.

Mentor and mentee

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Mentors will be matched with mentees based on career outcomes or area of expertise following a rigorous application process.

Register now to become an Arts Mentor and we'll get in touch with you regarding next steps. You don't need to have studied with the Faculty of Arts, we accept alumni mentors from any study area.

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Arts Career Mentoring Program Coordinator​


The benefits of mentoring

 Mentoring is often a rewarding experience and a chance to reflect on your own journey, skills and knowledge.

The structure and matching process

 This program is facilitated by University staff who will support you and your mentee throughout the program.

What should I expect from my mentee?

 A beneficial and rewarding mentoring relationship is often dependent on a mentee's initiative to engage with their mentor.

The Mentor’s Role

 Mentors challenge, motivate, inspire and empower their mentees.

Preparing for the mentoring experience

 We provide all new mentors with guidelines and an opportunity to participate in an optional face-to-face professional coaching workshop at the start of the program.
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