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Mentors in our programs often tell us they find the role an enjoyable and rewarding one. Apart from having a positive impact on the next generation of Science, Engineering and IT graduates, mentoring can give you a new perspective on your career and help to connect you to current research at the University of Melbourne Faculty of Science and the Melbourne School of Engineering.

Mentors in this program can be alumni of the University of Melbourne or industry connections, currently employed, with at least one year of professional work experience.

Students in our program are studying an undergraduate, postgraduate degree or research degree in the Faculty of Science, or a postgraduate degree in the Melbourne School of Engineering. Science, Engineering and IT graduates are in demand in a broad range of industries, and therefore the students are interested in meeting mentors from a diverse range of careers.

Applications for the 2020 program are now closed. Applications for the 2021 program will open in early 2021.

You can submit and Expression of Interest for the 2021 program, and we will email you once applications open.


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"I thoroughly enjoyed my mentoring experience. My mentee and I were really well matched and I felt that I was very helpful to her. It gave me a lot of satisfaction to be able to provide guidance and advice based on my experience in the workforce and to be able to give something back to the University of Melbourne."
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The benefits of mentoring

 Mentoring is often a rewarding experience and a chance to reflect on your own journey, skills and knowledge.
  • Enhance your coaching and leadership skills
  • Develop a fresh perspective on your career
  • Extend your professional network
  • Help to shape the future of your profession and community
  • Connect with the next generation of graduates
  • Support your mentee to identify and achieve their career goals and develop in confidence
  • Reconnect or develop closer links with the University of Melbourne, ranked #1 in Australia


The structure and matching process

 This program is facilitated by University staff who will support you and your mentee throughout the program.
Program Structure
  • The program runs during semester 2 ( approx. July - December)
  • Participants should meet* at least 3 times 
  • The frequency of meetings is negotiated between mentor and mentee in the initial meeting
  • Students are responsible for the relationship and will initiate the first contact
  • Option to extend the relationship beyond the official end of the program
* Meetings: 
In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the University is doing everything it can to reduce rates of infection in our community. The health and wellbeing of our staff, students and alumni is of paramount importance to the University. We ask that all mentor meetings take place online using web conferencing software such as Skype and Zoom. For full details of the University’s response to COVID-19 ,please visit our dedicated information page. 

Matching Process

When matching you with a student we will take into consideration your personal preferences, which will be recorded on your enrolment form and through any discussions with you prior to the start of the program. Students also submit mentoring preferences which are taken into consideration when matching participants.

Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and study areas.

What should I expect from my mentee?

 A beneficial and rewarding mentoring relationship is often dependent on a mentee's initiative to engage with their mentor.
We require mentees to demonstrate their commitment and interest in the program prior to matching them with a mentor. Students must participate in a preparation workshop where they discuss their career goals and are asked to consider topics to discuss with their mentor.

As a general guideline, we expect that mentees will:
  • Initiate communications with their mentor after a match is made
  • Meet the general meeting requirement for the program (at least 3 meetings)
  • Consider topics of discussion and questions before each meeting
  • Be punctual to meetings
  • Communicate regularly and promptly with mentor (based on agreement)
  • Honour commitments
  • Be respectful of the mentoring relationship and communicate in a courteous manner
  • Keep shared information confidential

The Mentor’s Role

 Mentors challenge, motivate, inspire and empower their mentees.

Mentors empower students to make positive changes in their lives. The role of the mentor is to work with the mentee to identify where they need greater insight and understanding. Mentors need to be open to sharing their personal experiences and knowledge. It is through this exchange that students develop a better understanding of the professional world and the ability to make informed decisions on career paths and strategies post–study.

  • Provide guidance to students around self-reliance, motivation and confidence
  • Provide insight into particular professional fields and networks and open their mentees eyes to less obvious career paths
  • Provide a safe place for discussion without judgement
  • Challenge assumptions and preconceptions about career paths and how to succeed
  • Encourage self-directed reflection, analysis and problem solving

Preparing for the mentoring experience

 We provide all new mentors with guidelines and an opportunity to participate in an online professional coaching workshop at the start of the program.
Training and advice is provided for mentors through an online workshop which will be held in July. Further details will be provided to mentors closer to the time. 
For any mentors unable to attend, a recording of the workshop will be made available.

The workshop will cover training on how to use the online mentoring platform to manage the relationship and submit feedback, tips and advice on being a mentor, and the common topics that students tend to have questions about and how to navigate these.

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