Participant Testimonials

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"Mentoring is fun, truly. I got to share a whole bunch of 'wisdom' that I'd learnt the hard way over six years, and it was great to pass that on to my mentee who was genuinely interested."
Callum - mentor

"Becoming a mentor was an incredibly rewarding experience. It provided me with an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience that I had gained through my career progression with the aim of helping students navigate the post-academia landscape. But whilst doing so it also provided me with many insights into some of the challenges students are facing today. Overall, it was a great way to give back to the university community and I look forward to participating in this program again in the future!"
Jennifer - mentor

"The program was valuable in reminding me of the commitment, energy and enthusiasm of our students, and the challenges they face in establishing themselves in a rapidly changing workforce. It was an invigorating and satisfying experience."
Amanda - mentor

"I thoroughly enjoyed my mentoring experience. My mentee and I were really well matched and I felt that I was very helpful to her. It gave me a lot of satisfaction to be able to provide guidance and advice based on my experience in the workforce and to be able to give something back to the University of Melbourne."
Helen - mentor

"Mentoring students who need advice on career choices is important. Helping them to critically think through the issues associated with these important decisions is rewarding for mentors. Being a part of the story in a student's career decisions has always been a passion of mine. The experience has enriched both myself and my mentee."
Tracey-Ann - mentor


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"The mentoring program completely exceeded my expectations! Prior to the program, I had many doubts about the direction of my career path and how I would go about approaching organisations. However my meetings with my mentor, proved to be invaluable in helping me with my concerns. He shared with me his own relevant life experiences, and also helped me gain insight into the state of the industry through meetings with people within his network.  Overall I couldn't be more thankful about the whole experience, and I definitely feel a lot more confident with approaching life after university!"
Danial - mentee

"I am definitely going to recommend this programs to other students, especially to the international graduate students. My mentor helped me a lot to understand job search specifics in Australia and gave very useful insights. I started to get more interest from the potential employers and I managed to understand which mistakes I had in my previous application process."
Anastasia - mentee

"I received good counselling and discussion about work and my future, potential pathways etc.  My mentor was very encouraging and opened my eyes to the breadth of opportunities that exist in academia and industry."
Adrian - mentee

"You never know what you may learn or discover from your mentor, it was a real eye-opening experience for me."
Lakshani - mentee

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