Participant Testimonials

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“Being a mentor allowed me to see what it is like for students nowadays and also realise the true value of my experiences on my career to date. And I could connect with some alumni. The [students] within the program are smart and dedicated students who take the lead, and are interested and grateful for the time offered to meet with them and discuss their studies and future careers.”

Joanna Bunting, mentor, 2016

“It was great to get to know an up-and-coming, to support them with their current study choices, and to help prepare them for career decisions down the track.”

Barrett Hasseldine, mentor, 2016

“Participating as a mentor requires reflection, and in doing so I was reminded about my own career motivation and what is important in life. As well as an opportunity to give advice, it was a chance to learn.”

Simon Torok, mentor, 2016


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“The mentoring experience allowed me to connect with someone further ahead on the journey. They provided invaluable advice and insight. Being able to talk with a mentor who has been through this stage in our lives - at the cusp of being a student and a professional - is a truly invaluable experience.

I would highly recommend the mentoring program and hope that the opportunity will be extended to as many students as possible in the future.”

Wallace Jin, mentee, 2016

“This program was one of the most beneficial experiences of my time so far in university. The mentor I was matched with had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the career area I was interested in pursuing. They were able to clarify many questions and concerns that I had, and even helped me start to work out a plan for further study/career for the next few years. 

Each mentor-student relationship will be different, but I can attest that I gained direction about where my studies and life should be heading.  I highly encourage every student given the opportunity to participate in this program to take it on, the experience was invaluable!”

Adam Grodeck, mentee, 2016

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