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Ask Alumni is a mentoring program that connects current students with alumni, and alumni with each other. Sign up at any time and have informative conversations on a range of topics. No matter where you are in the world or how much time you're able to commit, there is something to gain.

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Join the University’s most flexible mentoring program for one-off career conversations with students and alumni.                    
Make a difference by sharing your knowledge and expertise with our mentees or connect with other alumni to build sector-specific knowledge and expand your professional network – it’s up to you.

Accelerate your career with Ask Alumni.                    
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Develop your level of career readiness. 
Join Ask Alumni and connect with alumni who are ready and waiting to share their professional expertise and career advice with you. 
Build confidence, map out your next step or learn more about your desired industry in preparation for life after University. 
It only takes a few minutes to sign up and you’ll gain immediate access to our network of outstanding alumni.    
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A calm word of encouragement or a piece of inspiring advice is often all that's needed to help someone see the future more clearly.  

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