Melbourne Law School Mentor Program

The Melbourne Law School Mentor Program provides an invaluable opportunity for students to develop a supportive relationship with an experienced law professional. The program is designed to motivate and encourage students and, provide them with a sense of direction for their career paths.


Mentors are drawn from the legal profession and beyond, reflecting the diverse interests of our students. They are senior representatives of the legal, corporate, government and community sectors. Mentors are volunteers and are typically Melbourne Law School alumni.

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The MLS Mentor Program is open to all Juris Doctor students and full-time international Melbourne Law Masters students.

To be eligible, students must attend an information session and register by the deadline, the dates of which are widely promoted, well in advance.

Mentees are matched with mentors based on nominated law area(s) of interest. 

"Jon is not just an incredible mentor but also an amazing person. He would find time to meet me and answer my 1200 questions in the middle of his busy schedule. Our conversations were not restricted to just jobs and making a living but something beyond that. I hope someday I can mentor someone the way he mentored me – with patience and sincerity,"

Ipshita Chaturved, Master of Laws graduate
Melbourne Law School Mentee.



Mentor registrations are welcomed year-round. Law professionals with three or more years of post-law graduation experience (LL.B, MLM or JD) are eligible to register.

Mentors are matched with a law student based on the mentor's nominated law area(s) of expertise. Matching occurs in March for the Semester 1 full-time international MLM intake, April for the JD intake, and August for the Semester 2 full-time international MLM intake.

"One of the benefits of being a mentor is that it constantly challenges you as to how you do things and why you do them. That self awareness and self-analysis is invaluable. Having the opportunity to assist the growth and personal development of students is a privilege. I would strongly recommend that others consider being a mentor."

Franz Holzer, Magistrate
Melbourne Law School Mentor

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For Program enquiries, please contact the Alumni Relations Officer, Melbourne Law School:

T: +61 3 9035 6058

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